$45 Bench Fee / Hourly Rate


The bench fee covers disassembly, diagnosis, and cost estimations for repairs of the device under test, and is excluded from the estimate received. 


– Most repairs are cheaper than buying a new piece of gear, so if you have a box of fried pedals that you thought were dead… there is a good chance I can resurrect them, even if they are still smoking.

The more common pedals I see are Boss, Line 6, Electro Harmonix, Fulltone, MXR, DOD, and Digitech, but I also work on boutique gear or DIY prototypes if they are malfunctioning.

Signal issues are caused by wear and tear on the hardware, mainly input and output jacks, dirty pots, or strained hookup wires.  Depending on the quality of parts used and the level of abuse, some components will wear out faster than others.  I stock high quality switches, jacks, hookup wire, and shielded cabling to guarantee your gear will be rig ready.

**For Guitar Pedal Problems**  If your unit has stopped functioning or isn’t powering up, it is more than likely something to do with the power supply.  Check it with a fresh battery, and isolated from any other effects.  Some effects, like the Russian Big Muff, have reversed input and output jacks.  Keep this in mind if you plan on troubleshooting the pedal yourself.  If the problem persists, you can contact me below.

*For Amplifier Issues*  Check the Fuse!!  If your fuse blew, it could have been caused by a current spike from an unconditioned power source.  If you have a replacement (see below), install it in the fuse holder firmly and try powering the amp on again.  If it blows again then something is shorted inside the amplifier and will need to be checked out.

NEVER INSTALL A FUSE RATED HIGHER THAN THE AMPLIFIER’S CURRENT RATING!!!  Most guitar amplifiers are rated for 1-3 amperes of current draw (and sometimes less) If you are unsure about your amp’s rating, contact me to find out.  

If you have questions check out my FAQ’s page, or contact me below –


*Please do not inquire about cost of repairs or time estimations, as they will in no way reflect the actual time or cost accurately without a prior diagnosis.  Also, double check your entered email address to avoid having your message sent to my spam folder*
Thank You Kindly -Rat Lord


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