Modifications Available for Guitar Effect Pedals

and other Musical Equipment


Mods VOID any Warranty on your gear and are completely EXPERIMENTAL!  Most mods are tested and verified to be working by qualified technicians, but are not guaranteed by the manufacturer.

If you haven’t read my Repair page, most issues are easy to fix (especially if I did the modifications) So I guarantee my work, but Boss and Line 6 might not help you out anymore 😉

I also do CNC engravings and Acid Etched Artwork!


Whether you have a specific mod in mind, or you want to discuss how to tweak your gear, I am always available by email: [email protected]


Line 6 DL4

  • Soft Touch Footswitch Upgrade – $65
  • Instant Loop Footswitch – $25
  • Momentary Feedbacker Footswitch – $25
  • Double Presets Mod (switch only) – $35
  • Double Presets Mod (w/ expression wheel) – $70
  • Dotted 8th with Tap Tempo Upgrade – $75 (inquire for availability)
  • Custom Paint, Knob and LED Colors – Starting at $100


Wah Upgrades

  • Inductor Swapping and Switches
  • True-Bypass Switching w/ Buffer Removal
  • Variable Q Toggle Switch
  • Basic Tune-ups


Boss Pedals

  • DS-1 All-Seeing Eye and Ultra Mods
  • DD-7 Analog Tape Delay Toggle Switch
  • GE-7 Upgrade and hiss removal
  • BD-2 Phat Mods and Gain Control


Rehousing Older Effects

  • True-Bypass Switching
  • LED Upgrade
  • Switchcraft 1/4″ Jacks
  • 2.1mm DC jack for Standard 9v power supply
  • Alpha Potentiometer Upgrades (stock or custom values)


Other Modifications

  • LED Replacements (colors available)
  • Clipping Switches for Overdrives, Distortions and Fuzz Pedals
  • True Bypass Conversions
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • DC Power Jack Installations (colors available)
  • Effects Loop in Delays
  • Rate/Speed Flashing LED for certain Tremolos, Delays, and Chorus


All Inquiries are Welcome!


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