Custom Builds

Custom Builds

Consider me your Pedalsmith

I build everything from scratch to fit into a custom size Die-Cast Aluminum Enclosure, which can be Painted, Engraved, Acid Etched, Decaled, or left bare.
If you have a schematic, upload it below ūüėČ

I make my circuit boards out of durable copper laminate which is then sealed with a tinning solution.  Circuits are thoroughly inspected during the prototyping process, and populated with the highest fidelity components available

Prototypes that pass inspection will be put up for sale, but the idea is to make things that are unique, and not mass produced.  So your personal preferences are what makes each pedal stand out above the rest.

Soul Bender
Modified Tonebender Clone with Transistor Bias Control Matched Germanium Transistors Smooth 60's style fuzz Positive Polarity Circuit, 9V battery only (Not Included) Pink LED Installed after these photos were taken. Contact me here for more details: For Sale  $135 (Sold!)
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Orpheum Fuzz
Orpheum Fuzz Box Prototype based on the Fuzz Face circuit, and also one of my earliest builds The transistors are socketed for experimenting with different types.  Currently using a pair of 2N3904's The PCB was acid etched out of copper laminate board and cut to size. Custom CNC Engraving True Bypass Footswitch Switchcraft Jacks Operates...
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Mountainking Megalith Clone - Heavy Distortion/Fuzz for Bass (or Guitar) To try and put it into words, this thing sounds like you are hitting your bass with Thor's Hammer Input AND Output volume controls Slope, Notch, and Notch Shift Rotary Switch More Heavy Footswitch with output control knob $195¬†¬† SOLD!     The demo says...
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Luna Fuzz
Also known as the DSOTM (Dark side of the Moon) Fuzz because of its "Gilmourish" tones Very full body, but can be dialed back into a psuedo-overdrive Dual color LED (Red when Engaged, Blue when Bypassed) Controls: Body, Brightness, Fuzz, Volume Project File: DSOTM v2 Fuzz $195 SOLD!  
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Gristleizer (In The Works)
This is an experimental effect used by the band Throbbing Gristle back in the early 80's If you dial the bias voltage in just right, you get a very thick, gristly distortion This can also be used as a tremolo-like effect by adjusting the speed and shape knobs More info here: The Gristleizer
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You can also inquire about rehousing your effects here as well.  I try to stock enclosures of all sizes, but I can use any metal enclosure for custom fits or multiple effect configurations


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Some builds can take up to two weeks, depending on the parts and artwork involved.  You can also watch your pedal being built here:


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