A Brooklyn Based Music Workshop

Specializing in Effects and Amplification



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DC-30 Clone Build

Repair Services and Modifcations for Guitar Pedals, Amps, Synths and other electronic audio gear offered in all Five Boroughs of NYC!


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questions or comments,

and Thanks for Looking!

Boutique Gear – Custom Tailored

Mods available by Request!

Shipping Quotes Available to NYC

Van Transport Negotiable

Based in Bushwick



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Site Launched 1/16/2016

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Rat Lord FX is a DIY Workshop Specializing in Effect Pedals, Amplifiers, Synthesizers, and other general Electronic Equipment – Repair – Mods – Custom Shop

Based in Brooklyn, NY


Amp and Pedal Repairs, Modifications, and Custom Built Effects – Pedalboard Services – Van Pickup/Dropoff – Graphic Design – CNC Engraving – Acid Etching

*My hours are flexible, but my availability is dependent on my current workload and bench space. Email me with any questions and I will do my best to coordinate with you asap!

If you have an idea for a custom build, please allow time for concept and graphic designs (If applicable).  Certain parts can take weeks to ship, and PCB fabrication requires added time.  For quick prototyping and circuit bends, email me any info you have ahead of time, and I can sometimes work you in around larger repairs.

I charge a $45 Bench Fee for Amplifiers.  Dealing with amps can be dangerous and will require much more attention to detail, as well as specific equipment to test.

Van pick-up and drop-offs are available by request for heavier gear.  Prices are dependent on mileage, weight, and staircases.  Supply me with a location (including the building floor) and a list of the loadout so I can better estimate a rate and date to pick up your gear!

Any other questions? Email me here